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A Group of Leaders from CAAC Northwest Regional Administration Visited our Company

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             On July 25th, 2017, a group of seven honorable guests, Mr. LU Xiaoan, deputy administrator from CAAC Northwest Regional Administration, Mr. CHEN Liyang, director of Meteorological Center and Ms, JIN Yingyan, deputy division chief of Meteorological Department came to visit our company and examined our work.

             When visiting, they were given a warm reception by company leaders. The leaders also introduced development history and main products in details. Mr. Lu spoke highly of the history, as well as spirits of meteorological persons who devoted themselves in building the company. He also praised the achievements of scientific and technological innovation, the service pattern and our management philosophy as well. Our advanced technical equipment, excellent human resource, complete management system and leading ideas could be a positive significance on supporting aeronautical meteorology, he considered. Moreover, earnest hope on future development related to aeronautical meteorology business was also proposed by Mr. LU.

DeputyDirector, Mr. Lu and other leaders are visiting the exhibition hall.

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